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There can be several types of solar power plants and solar modules can be installed on:

- Pitched roofs.

- Flat roofs.

- On the ground.

Mounting on pitched roofs is the most popular option. We can calculate the arrangement of the solar modules and the power of the power plant according to the amount of electricity consumed by the customer or according to the available power of the house's electrical input.

A solar power plant can also be installed on a flat roof with the desired angle of tilt and tilt for maximum efficiency.

The structure on the ground is a very good solution when the building roof has a bad pitch angle or when the roof is in bad condition. The maximum efficiency of the solar modules can be obtained by ground construction.

The maintenance of the solar power plant is very simple, practically none. If the modules are dusty - they are washed away by the rain. In winter, only a little sunlight is enough for the snow-covered modules and the snow slides off the solar modules.

The principle of operation of the solar power plant:
- Modules generate solar energy into direct current.
- The converter (inverter) changes direct current to alternating current.
- Alternating current is used in household appliances.
- The produced excess electricity is transferred to common electricity networks, and the missing energy is taken from them.

The composition of the solar power plant:
Structure (sloped roof, flat roof, ground structure)
Solar modules

First, the structure of the solar power plant is installed.
The solar modules are then installed.
Hanging and connecting the inverter to the common grid, and the wires coming from the solar modules are connected to the inverter and then the energy is distributed to the home and the common grid.